• Finishing



In order to provide our clients with an optimal product, Gonfaus offers various finishing options. Clients can choose between different cone sizes, vapours, or paraffin finishing, for a high quality thread to meet their needs.

Conos de hasta 3kgs

Cone sizes up to 3kg.

Máquina de Vaporado en Husada

Vapoured, on a bobbin, able to be used at up to 90ºC.

Máquina de Vaporado en cono

Vapoured, on a cone. High-efficiency vaporing done with dry vapour, which does not add any weight.

Hilados de varios cabos

An option for rejoining threads for different strands.

Ovilladora Splicer

An option for paraffin finishing according to required material use.

For various finishing possibilities, consult our available options.